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PLAYWiFi x Everland


  • 資格:僅適用于非韓國護照持有人
  • 開放時間:請流覽官方網站,知查確切的停車時間
  • 最新入場時間:晚上 7:00
  • 免費進入Hoam畫廊一天和額外的費用,以投幣式遊樂設施,租賃,動物遊樂設施,和特別展覽
  • 3歲以下的兒童可免費參加,但租用任何設施設備需要支付額外費用
  • 取消政策:獲取 QR 碼後不予退款或交換

Online reservation is available up to 24 hours before the rental date. and a confirmation email will be sent separately.
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▶ You must enter ALL of the applicants given names EXACTLY as they appear in their passport

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Rental Fee

"If the device is not returned after three days from the due date, the lost charge will be paid by card."