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PLAYWiFi x Everland

首尔附近的埃弗兰是韩国最大的主题公园! 探索5个令人惊叹的地区充满了景点和游乐设施,包括T快车,韩国最高,最快,最长,最陡峭,最陡峭的过山车!

袖珍WiFi + 常兰(一日通票)

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最新入场时间:晚上 7:00
取消政策:获取 QR 码后不予退款或交换


Show your voucher to staff at pickup place and get QR code >>> scan your QR code to access the park on your traveling date


T Express

Experience the steepest ride in the world with a top speed of 104km per hour at a 77degree angle.

Safari World

A Wild Safari, featuring lions, the kings of the grasslands, tigers, the kings of the jungle, and adorable bears offers visitors the rare opportunity to meet wide variety of animals at a close distance.

Robot VR

An attraction born again with VR technology!

Double Rock Spin

The powerful spin and rhythm of this ride is sure to provide exhilarating thrills!

Rolling X-Train

An exciting, super-fast roller coaster, with spiral oblique rotations resembling twisted breadsticks and two complete 360-degree loop-to-loop sections!

Bling Bling X-MAS Parade

Limited edition collaboration between Lenny and Santa! A dazzling Bling Bling Christmas Parade!


• 位置: 310, 永代里, 波果岛, 川古, 永宁西, 庆尚道, 韩国
– 地铁换乘至邦邦线吉雄站的永宁专线,从永宁永年线乘坐穿梭巴士(免费),前往恒安或加勒比海湾

– 从首尔出发的巴士(在江南站 10 号出口乘坐 5002 路公交车,或在 Jimsil 站乘坐 5700 路公交车(6 号出口)