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Yeouido Cherry Blossom Picnic Festival 2018

Yeouido Cherry Blossom Picnic Festival 2018

Yeouido Cherry Blossom Picnic Festival 2018

Previously, we wrote about the cherry blossom festival in Seoul. We will inform you of the most famous cherry blossom festival places. We introduce Korea’s most famous Yeouido cherry blossom festival. Please put it on the list of things to do in this trip to Korea. So, let’s look at the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival.

[Places to see cherry blossom in Seoul]

Cherry Blossom Festival Program introduce.

The cherry blossom festival program consists of four things. Programs include Blossom Concert, Blossom Talk, Blossom Market, and Blossom Show. Please find the location on the map below.

1. Blossom Concert

Location: Pink Stage | Blossom Stage | Under Bridge Stage
Date: 4.7(Sat) 13:00 ~ 20:45
※ The Pink Stage will be charged.

Participating singers for Pink Stage

Line-Up: Lee Jeok(이적), iKON, Jeong Junil(정준일), So Yu(소유), Jeong Gigo(정기고), Gawk Jineon(곽진언), Min Seo(민서), Park Jaejeong(박재정)

Participating singers for Blossom Stage

Line-Up: Eric Nam(에릭남), Mood On(무드온), Marmalade Kitchen(마멀레이드 키친), Yoon Jiyeong(윤지영), Acousweet(어쿠스윗), Lina Soul(리나소울)

Participating singers for Blossom Stage

Line-Up: 커밍 순, 보야, 기면승 X 제제, 치즈 인더 소울, 데이비드 박, 슬지, 김태극

2. Blossom Talk

Location: Blossom Stage
Date: 4.7(Sat) 14:20 ~ 19:00

Blossom Talk is a talk concert conducted by Korean famous entertainers “Song Eun” and “Kim Sook”.  And many celebrities participate.

3. Blossom Market

Location: Han River Park – 63 Building Outdoor Parking
Date: 4.7(Sat) 12:00 ~ 21:00

A blossom market filled with works by young artists and food trucks

4. Blossom Show

In the afternoon, with cherry blossoms, in the evening with fireworks.


Cherry Blossom Picnic Festival

The “Lifeplus” cherry blossom picnic festival program can be enjoyed by anyone.

However, the Pink Stage is a pay-per-view show, and the Blossom Stage has more benefits if you have a ticket.

Tickets can be purchased for ticket events or purchased through ticket sales offices.