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Things to do in Seoul

Things to do in Seoul

Things to do in Seoul.
I’m Korean. I will tell you what to do in Seoul. This posting will help you.

  1. Lotte World Tower

    The tallest tower in Korea. Until recently, we went to Namsan Tower to see Seoul. but currently, Lotte World Tower is the highest. This tower located in Jamsil is 123 floors. There is a shopping area, a movie theater, and an aquarium. If you go to the observatory, you can see everything in Seoul.

  2. Hongdae

    Young street in Korea. There are a lot of college students here. There are restaurants, cafes, clubs, performance areas and you can see busking. Hongdae is one of the regions where foreigners want to go the most.

  3. Myeong-dong

    Famous street for foreigners. It is considered as an area where many foreigners visit and enjoy shopping. Although there are many restaurants with menus and signboards in foreign languages, It is classified as an expensive area. When you decide where you should go, I want to tell you that this is not the place to go unconditionally.

  4. Gangnam

    Do you know Gangnam Style? Right. PSY’s Gangnam Style. If you go to Gangnam, you will know. It is the place where the most people gather in Seoul. And there are a variety of people, including students and workers. It is the center of Seoul in terms of a single sentence.

  5. Han River

    If you do not come in winter, you have to go to Han River. You can enjoy a picnic in the spring. You can use the swimming pool in the summer. In the fall, you can participate in various festivals.

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