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Pyeonchang Olympics 2018 Schedule

Pyeonchang Olympics 2018 Schedule

The Pyeongchang Olympic Games will soon be held. When you come to Korea, you will be able to watch the game during the Pyeongchang Olympic period. Check your schedule now. This opportunity does not happen often.
So let me introduce the schedule of the Pyeongchang Olympic Games.

The Winter Olympics will be geld with 15 sports. There will be some items that will attract your attention. First, let’s look at 15 sports.

Alpine Skiing

Freestyle Skiing

Nordic Combined

Ski Jumping

Speed Skating



Ice Hockey


Cross-Country Skiing


Figure Skating



Short Track Speed Skating

So, what kind of game can you see during your trip? If your travel schedule falls well, you are lucky. The image below is the schedule for the Olympic Games.

Did you find the game you want? Then, go to the page[Pyeongchang Olympics Schedule], you can see what kind of game it is and what country it is. And you will be able to pay the bill and watch the game.

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