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Pocket Wifi VS Prepaid SIMs which one is better choice for you?

Pocket Wifi VS Prepaid SIMs which one is better choice for you?

These days, keep connected to internet is most important thing even when you are traveling cause you need to do messenger, upload SNS and find the way in foreign countries etc. There are 2 choices (actually there are 3 choices but let’s rule out roaming cause it is expensive). Pocket Wifi VS Prepaid SIM. We will check pros and cons for these options.

Korea Pocket WiFi

You need to choose pocket wifi for below options.

  1. Need to receive voice calls by your original phone number
  2. you have company when you are traveling
  3. Short-term travelers
Korea Prepaid SIM Card

You need prepaid SIMs for below options.

  1. Relatively long-term travelers. (around 10 to 30 days)
  2. You do not want to return at the airport.
  3. Single traveler

Usually you get prepaid sims or pocket wifi in your home countries cause it is cheaper. But why you need to get it from Play wifi?

  1. Cheaper than your country’s service provider.
  2. You can make reservation in short notice. Even in arrival day.
  3. No cancellation charge.
  4. 24/7 service and has service booths in all Korean airports.(Incheon, Gimhae airport)
  5. Also located at the Kimpo airport.
  6. You can return at the same spot that you rented.
  7. Fast customer service without any time difference.

Personally I use pocket wifi for the trip with friends and use prepaid SIMs for the trip by myself. You can save space with prepaid sims. Please contact CS team for more information or you can check our web site. Have a nice trip with Playwifi’s pocket wifi and prepaid SIMs