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Pierrot shopping in Coex mall, Shopping in Seoul.

Pierrot shopping in Coex mall, Shopping in Seoul.

In June.28.2018, biggest miscellaneous store “the Pierrot shopping” opened at the center of Gangnam area.

Location : Coex mall, Starfield (Samsung station or Bongeunda station in Subway)

Business Hour : 10:00AM-22:00PM (Mon-Sun)


Total Rating (A perfect score of 5)

Location : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Since the store is inside the Coex mall which is connected with Subway station, you can enjoy shopping in any season and weather.

Price : ★ ★ ★
– The price is similar to that of a normal seller. Certain items are on sale. So if you are lucky, you can get a new item with low pricing. But there are literally millions of products, so you really need luck to find right product with low pricing. If you want to buy souvenir for your friends and families with reasonable pricing, this may the right place.

About place : ★ ★ ★ ★
-You can see millions of products in one place. And you can easily meet foreign products too. Most of them are Chinese though. So if you came to Korea to buy Chinese product, this is the right place.

Pierrot Shopping has total 2 floors. Each floor is divided into large sections. On the B1 floor, there are beauty products (include beauty device and body& hair products), clothing, luxury items, and Pierrot foods. On the B2 floor, food (Drinks, snacks and sauces) stationery and figures, electronics, and other country food.

When you arrive at COEX, click red checkbox, and you will see the detailed page.

The sign is good to find the way to the store.

Coex mall Pierrot shopping
Coex mall Pierrot shopping

We arrive in front of Pierrot Shopping! Let’s go inside.

Pierrot Food is on the left as soon as you enter.

There is also a table for simple eatery.
The menu is for sundae/fried/odeng and tteokbokki.

Pierrot shopping food zone

The store opened recently so you can see lots of people from the entrance.

Pierrot shopping store

You can buy famous souvenirs in Korea at once! (In particular, they sell souvenirs from Jeju Island too.)

Among the shopping items in Korea, Gim(laver)! You can also buy Gim(laver).

korea souvenirs gim

One of famous in Korea product the rice cooker is also on sales too.

korea souvenirs rice cooker

Almonds, which are good snacks, are available in many flavors.
You also have a new taste for Fire noodle!

korea souvenirs snacks

And they have character goods as you can see.

korean character goods

There is luxury goods too !!

korea shopping

There are very cheap clothing also.

The B1 floor has many beauty items. Beauty devices, beauty products, and even lenses !! It’s easy to buy.
There are a lot of all-in-one products. I think it’s perfect to use in your trip.

You can easily buy different lenses at once!

Let’s go down to the B2 floor. It’s connected by an escalator in the store.

pierrot shopping escalator

The B2 floor has mostly food, electronics and stationery.
They also sell water products.

The most interesting station is the T-money vending machine! You can make your own Tmoney with your own photo. The price of T-Money is not much different from the price of normal T-Money. So if you eager to have another Tmoney beside you already used to reach this place, this should be good. But even Koreans don’t have 2 Tmoney cards. What are you going to do with 2 Tmoniey cards?

Cute products like notes.

Also sell a wide range of electronics.

Products from another countries.
In event section, they sell liquor, various ramen and instant products.

I recommend it because it is good to bring as a gift!

pierrot store product

The cashier is located in all floors in B1,B2.

There’s also a self-cashier!

pierrot store cashier

Pierrot shopping gives you a shopping bag as a gift for purchases over KRW 30,000!

pierrot shopping bag

Take the escalator up again and look around the rest of COEX!

pierrot shopping escalator