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Let’s enjoy Korean baseball with Korean style cheer!

Let’s enjoy Korean baseball with Korean style cheer!

I just read about exciting Korean cheer culture in baseball field,


so I wanted to participate in one of hottest game.


I went to Jamsil stadium with friends to watch Doosan VS Lotte game.


seating information

I reserved navy seat right by 1st base.

Pricing is differ from the seat,

so you can check from below pricing list.

Hottest cheering spot is orange zone but it is already fully booked when I made reservation but navy seat wasn’t so bad.

* I reserved ticket before visiting.

I arrived early to get entrance ticket.

This place is so crowded so you should arrive early to get walkin ticket.

There are a lot of eateries in front of stadium like chicken and Gimbap.

I ate “BHC ppurinkle” which was highly recommended by my friends. (Need to add Ppurinkle sauce! Fantastic sauce)

There were also a lot of group tour foreigners.

You can purchase hat or cloth of your team. I purchased a hat.

It is not familiar to follow the cheer but you will get used to it.

Hit ~ hit~ make a big one hey! ( I can still mumble)

You can buy cold beer from “Beer boy” I also drank icey cold beer. WIN!

There were sudden shower during game but my team won any way. WIN!

If you have chance to visit Korea you should visit stadium and enjoy game. Thank you.