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Korean Exhibition – PLAYWIFIKOREA

Korean Exhibition <Paper, Present: A Gift for You> – PLAYWIFIKOREA

Korean Exhibition <Paper, Present: A Gift for You>

Location: Daelim museum – 21, Jahamun-ro 4-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Time: Tue-Sun 10:00 ~ 18:00 | Thu / Sat 10:00 ~ 20:00
※ close on Mondays

We are looking for a lot of information to introduce good content. The content to be introduced today is Daelim Museum’s “Paper, Present”. Daelim Museum is a place where famous exhibitions are frequent.

About the exhibition

Time to meet the beauty of paper with art.
From December 7, 2017, to May 27, 2018, Daelim Museum will present an exhibition featuring delicate sensations of artists from around the world and the process of expanding paper, an analogical material, into an emotional medium. <Paper, Present> We hold. In this exhibition, artists from 10 teams who are active in various fields, focus on the original properties of paper in their respective fields, introducing works that show the pure beauty of the material itself.

This exhibition consists of seven spaces. This space is based on the wondrous scenes of nature, the moment when ordinary everyday life comes unfamiliar, once in a lifetime and memories. In each space, you can see the writings of the writer ‘OhBam Lee Jeonghyeon(오밤 이정현)’. This phrase will comfort your mind.

First, you can see the work of “Richard Sweeney” in the paper art called Gaudí. The characteristic of this work is that it uses material properties without using a machine to create a free form from object to architectural structure. You can see large and small pieces of paper reminiscent of a starlight sparkling in a serene dawn.

Second, it is the work of “Tahiti Pehrson” famous for hand cutting. This work contains sunshine that shines brightly.

Third, the design studio “Atelier oi” used various elements such as light, color, and movement to capture the senses of the East and the West. It is a work that made you feel the calm wind.

The fourth space is composed of “Studio Job”, “TORAFU ARCHITECTS”, “Tord Boontje” and “Jule Waibel”. This space is composed of paper, other materials, and products and furniture, creating a scene in which paper permeates into everyday scenery.

Fifth, the French designer “Jim&Jou” has been responsible for the visuals of the intense show-window of luxury brands such as Hermes.

Sixth, you can see the work of the design studio “Wanda Barcelona”, which is responsible for show-window and showrooms of famous brands such as Dior, COMME des GARÇONS, and Colette. This space expresses a glorious fairytale world with paper.

Finally, the Korean design group “Maum Studio”, which attracts attention with its young senses, creates a walkway full of pink light paper reeds, giving the audience a pleasure.

White paper symbolizes infinite possibilities. Paper has been the starting point of creation in a wide range of fields, from simple media to ideas for artists. <Paper, Present: A Gift for You> presents an extraordinary time to meet the arts by putting emotion on paper. This exhibition will give you a variety of experiences on paper and make you feel old feelings. Elements of emotion such as natural elements such as wind, starlight, sunlight, memory, and irritability are combined with space.

Exhibition Features

Richard Sweeney

This exhibition is a set of 8 small paper pieces and large installation works made by folding pure white paper with various techniques. It shines in the dark like a starry dawn light, revealing the graceful aspect of the paper.

Tahiti Pehrson

As part of the work, the “Tahiti Pehrson” penetrate finely cut white paper and show lightness and heaviness at the same time as light and shadows pouring like sunshine.

Atelier oi

This work expressed the wind that awakened the stopping time. Atelier Oi’s work was expressed using light and shadows that penetrated paper.

TORAFU ARCHITECTS | Studio Job | Jule Waibel | Tord Boontje

The quirky paper works of four artists working in various fields such as furniture, lighting, fashion, and product design give the pleasure of discovering incredible scenes hidden in familiar landscapes.

TORAFU ARCHITECTS: Architectural design office to show experimental and sensible work to overturn stereotypes.
Studio Job: Duo designer breaks the boundaries between art and commercial design.
Jule Waibel: The designer who completes a sensuous work with origami.
Tord Boontje: Product design with elegant and delicate beauty.


“JIM & JOU” is a work by hand of all processes based on the deep interest in Nostalgic and handcrafted production processes for analog culture. These colorful works offer fairy-tale scenes that look beyond the street’s window.

Wanda Barcelona

It consists of 4000 paper blossoms and 4000 Swarovski crystals. The installation that implements the ultra-realistic garden creates a gradation effect from the colorful color to the thinner white color, and quickly permeates the paper petals. It will make you feel excited.

Maum Studio

The reeds of paper of the pink which are piled up in plural order are reflected around the mirror everywhere. The endless unfolding of the walkway creates a fairy-tale landscape with the added light of the ceiling. It gives you the opportunity to recall past memories or create new memories.