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Japanese Ramen restaurant near Ewha university.(Gayagaya)

Japanese Ramen restaurant near Ewha university.(Gayagaya)

Many tourists are visiting Hongdae area these days but Ewha university area also has many good restaurants. 2 subway stations away from Hongdae area and you can also walk to this area enjoying Korean universities. Many small shops are good for window shopping and also you can find cheap restaurants.

Korean TV show “back’s small alley restaurants” is getting more popular these days. It helps small restaurants to remodel their menu and cooking process and finally helps to get more customers. We visited one restaurant which is aired recently.

서울 서대문구 이화여대5길 7-3
7-3 Ewhayeodae 5 gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
Every day 11:00-21:00
Break Time 15:00-17:00

There are not many restaurants applying break time in Korea but this one has break time. So you need to check visiting time.

Kayakaya Japanese Ramen Restaurant

It takes 5 minutes walking from Subway station but you need to look closely cause it is located in small alley. I arrived early before lunch but waited more than 20 minute due to long waiting line.

Japanese Ramen Restaurant near Ewha University

I usually do not wait for that long time and just go to nearby restaurant but I was told this one has best soup quality in town so waited.
It is small restaurant with a few tables but it won’t take too long to wait.

Kayakaya Japanese Ramen Restaurant

I chose best menu “Tonkotsu Char-siu-men” without hesitation.
You can check menu while you are waiting for your table. So if you are in hurry, order first)

Kayakaya Menu Tonkotsu-Char-siu-men

Actually I didn’t expect too much food but there are lots of Char-siu (Sliced pork) on top of soup. (good for meat lovers) It is almost as good as Ramen stores in Japan. Not the same but almost as good as them. Also pricing is cheap so if you want small lunch with good taste, check this place.