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Dim Sum Restaurant in Busan, DimDimsum

Dim Sum Restaurant in Busan, DimDimsum

Tourist’s most popular destination in Korea is Busan and Jeju. Busan is 2 hrs away from Seoul by KTX. (Costs 40000~60000 per pax)

I recommend you to visit Centum city in Busan. Centum city has Guinness record of biggest department store in the world. I also visited this place this time and it was enormous. Can’t take picture by one shot.

Busan Centum City

I visited DimDimsum which located on 9th floor  of centum city. Dimdimsum only has their restaurant in Daegu and Busan so youo should visit this place if you travel Busan. This restaurant is originated from Hongkong and tried to combine tradition and originality to their dim sum. It is very popular to locals and travelers.

Dimdimsum ( Dim sum originated from HK with decent pricing)
Centum city 9th floor, Centumnamdaero, Haeundaegu, Busan
Everyday 11:00~21:30

Busan Restaurant DimDimsum
Restaurant DimDimsum Waiting

When I visit in lunch time, there were long line. You can choose food while waiting. You need to be careful cause you may order too much when you see the pictures in the menu.

Restaurant DimDimsum

Interior looks almost same with HK restaurant. You can see the Chef’s making dim sum by window. Also they are hiring Chefs from HK so you can here Cantonese.

DimDimsum Menu

I was so busy to eat so I have only one picture of food. There are few good dim sum restaurant in Korea but this one is very good. 2 thumbs up. You can skip dinner if you go this restaurant for lunch.

Dim dim sum is global brand which has Daegu, Busan, HK, Shanghai, Taiwan etc branches. They have great taste but also offers reasonable price.

They have long waiting line but waiting time is not that long. Also restaurant is very clean and staffs are kind. Not like HK, dim sum is expensive in Korea but you can enjoy cheap and delicious dim sum in this restaurant.