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How to get Free Wi-Fi in Korea

How to get Free Wi-Fi in Korea

How to get Free Wi-Fi in Korea

In Korea, Wi-Fi is good anywhere. If you want to save your data, please remember this post. This Post will tell you the latest Wi-Fi password. This is the 2018 version.

Remember this before you use it. You should watch the name of Wi-Fi carefully. There are similar but different Wi-Fi. Remembering the name of the store will be easy. If you know this, you can use it as a free Wi-Fi. Let’s get started.


Wi-Fi in store

  • Mcdonald’s Wi-Fi(Fast Food): 16005252
  • Vips Wi-Fi(Familly Restaurant): sktelcom
  • 7-eleven(Convenience Store): 2127394402
  • Starbucks(Cafe): Store phone number
  • Pariscroissant(Bread Cafe): vkflzmfktkd(When the Korean keyboard is pressed in English.)

※ Starbucks has two WiFi names. One for inside the store and one for the customer. Inside the store will ask for the password, and if the customer agrees to “agree,” it will be available free of charge.


Telecom’s WiFi(It is located in subway station, subway, public place.)

  • SK_WLAN: 987654321b
  • SK: a123456789
  • tobis: 1234
  • LG Uplus: lguplus002 / lguplus100
  • U+: a0123456789
  • KT_WLAN: 1234567890


If this is all annoying, find a cafe. You can use Wi-Fi in all cafes in Korea. I hope your trip will not be anxious because of Wi-Fi. Thanks.

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