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Gangnam Style Snack, Apgujeong rodeo street “Dosan snacks”

Gangnam Style Snack, Apgujeong rodeo street “Dosan snacks”

Another SNS style restaurant opened in Apgujeong area recently. I wasn’t sure if they have good food but anyway it is hot place these days. You should visit hot places these days or you will be social outsider and lose your job and friends and die alone someday. So there is long line of waiting at the restaurant of course cause no one wants to die alone. If you don’t like waiting, you should visit at 20:30 or 15:00 even you are not hungry at that time.

You should take pictures and share with your SNS whatever that is. By the way Koreans like Instagram.

I ordered all their favorite menus. Donkatz sandwich is the best. You should try this one. This is Japanese style sandwich though so it will better in Japan. Dokbokki is not that spice so no point to try this one but if you prefer not spice food with no point, you can try this also. They also have rice balls etc. Staffs are not that kind so you better hurry to eat all food and get out even you waited 5 hrs to get in there.


Tel. +82-2-514-5060

10-6 Dosandaero 49 gil gangnamgu Seoul

Everyday 11:30~20:30