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faq and our answer to these questions

You can check FAQ in any service providing web pages but it is not that practical cause they don’t tell you about the problems that happens after you purchase the product. So I will be honest and show you all the problems that you will meet after you purchase Playwifi.

1. Can’t find service booths at the airports.

I get this a lot. But if you arrive Korea and can’t find the booth, it is too late for me to answer to you. You will be in a big hurry, So please check Playwifi’s home page. There is map for pick up and return. If you can’t read the map, just ask airport information center for Playwifi booth. They will inform you kindly. Also you can use free airport wifi to check the map.

playwifi pick-up location
playwifi pick-up location

2. Can I pick up from one airport and return to another?

Sure you can pick up from any airport booth of Play wifi and return to any airport booths.

3. I will be arrived at late night or early morning. Can I pick up?

Incheon and Kimhae operates 24/7 so doesn’t matter. Kimpo opens from 6 am till 21 pm.

4. Want to know about the charge and deposit. How to pay?

Since Playwifi is too cheap, I understand you worried if it is real. But it is real. No deposit also. No cancellation charge. You do not even need to pay until you receive the product at the airport. You can pay by credit card or cash at the booth.

Prepaid SIM
* Prepaid sims can not extend usage dates. So if you want to use 60 days, purchase 2 * 30 days SIMs. If you are Korean passport holder, you can not use prepaid SIMs according to Korean law of telecommunication.

Pocket Wifi KRW 2700/day
* Since this is rental product, you can calculate the charge from rental date to return date.

Data only
5 days KRW 22,000
10 days KRW 30,000
30 days 57,000

3 days KRW 13,000
5 days KRW 19,000
10 days KRW 24,000
15 days KRW 29,000
30 days KRW 49,000

Your charge will be calculated automatically once you reserve products.

5. My pocket wifi is not working but I got many days left in Korea. What can I do?

This is the best part. We have 24/7 customer support so if you send us the picture my messenger, we will tell you what to do. Also we will deliver replacement to your hotel if the device is not working. (Seoul only)

6. I haven’t received reservation confirmation email.

Please check spam mail folder.

7. I want to extend rental dates.

If you want to rental more days, please contact CS team. ( Can not extend prepaid sims)

This is the most frequently asked questions. Sometimes return customers comments about good service and good pricing to CS team. That means a lot to all customer support team and me. Hope you have great days in Korea and also good today.