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It’s a compact modern and router in one, small enough to take with you.

Please present your passport, credit card, and voucher at the PLAYWiFi store.

You will be charged for the lost and rental fees.

Incheon Airport and Gimhae Airport can be paid in cash or on the spot at the time of collection.

Gimpo Airport can be settled by credit card only and will be paid automatically within two days of receipt.

Cash payment is also available, but you must present your credit card for warranty purposes before you can rent a WiFi.

Rest assured that card information will be discarded after you return it to normal.

Once you have completed your booking, you will be automatically e-mailed to your registered e-mail address.

Please check your inbox.

If you can approve it, you can use a debit card.

It’s okay if you can pay even if you do not own the card.

Cash is available in Korean won rather than US dollars.

Device: LG 110,000 won | KT 220,000 won
Battery: 33,000 won
Charger: 5,500 / set
Pouch: 5,500 won

※ Rates include VAT.