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The event will be applied on arrival date. Applies to one reservation.

Shilla Duty Free Gift Card


Sep 01 ~ Dec 31, 2018

1) Free gift card KRW10000
2) Membership card upgrade (Sliver)
3) Discount for each price
Only Shilla duty free in city (Seoul)

PLAYWIFI Event Shilla duty free gift card

Event for PLAYWIFI Customer

Jul 20 ~ Aug 31, 2018

Shilla duty-free Incheon airport terminal 1
Buy prepaid sim card or rental WIFI, Get Shilla duty free gift card KRW 10,000

Spring event

March 01 ~ May 31, 2018

1ea per one device


Booking Event

February 1 ~ December 31, 2018

Galleria Duty-Free Membership Card Provide

Alice Exhibition?

Booking Event

February 15 ~ March 28, 2018

Korea Exhibition “Alice Into The Rabbit Hole” Ticket(2ea)

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Renewal Event

January 13 ~ February 28, 2018

Korea Performance Show “The Painters HERO” Ticket(2ea)

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Winter Olympics event

February 9 ~ February 25, 2018

Provide Heat Pack(1ea)