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Coex Aquarium in Seoul. How to get 20% discount coupon.

Coex Aquarium in Seoul. How to get 20% discount coupon.

Coex aquarium is aquatic theme park located in the heart of Seoul.
This place is easy to access by subway line no2.

**  Nearest Subway station
Bongeunsa station line number 9 exit number 7
Samseong station line number 2 exit number 5

We recommend line number 9 Bongeun temple station cause it is easier and nearer.

They offer 20% discount coupon for Playwifi customers.
Operation hour is differ from weekdays and weekends and holidays. Need to check before visit.
Coex aquarium is not just normal aquarium. They have variety of themes that you can enjoy and join,

They have stamp challenge that you can stamp on the map in multi areas. But they do not offer any souvenir and award with this challenge. (Do not recommend to do this.)

While you are enjoying the aquarium, you can find moving walk as you can see in below picture. This is good healing spot and you can enjoy sea lives leisurely and slowly. Personally, I like this aquarium cause you can observe sea creatures with very close look. Also, you can touch sea creatures and all the fishes. Fishes like to come close to you and watch you from the water side. You are not the only one who likes to observe. They also observes you.

Coex aquarium has no limit with weather, even in typhoon season. Also you can visit close tour spots at once. It is worth to visit when you are in Seoul. Enjoy with 20% discount for Playwifi customers.

There are many good restaurants inside Koex mall and don’t forget to visit Pierrot shopping.

(Check this URL for Pierrot shopping Star garden library is also popular these days which is also located in Coex mall.