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Best 5, places to see cherry blossom in Seoul(South Korea) 2018

Best 5, places to see cherry blossom in Seoul(South Korea) 2018

Best 5 places to see cherry blossom in Seoul(South Korea) 2018

Soon the winter is over and spring comes. From March to April 2018, you can see cherry blossoms in Korea. Most tourists come to Seoul through Incheon International Airport. It can be troublesome to introduce other areas than Seoul. It will be difficult to go there because of traffic or lodging problems. Today, we introduce a place where we can see cherry blossom in Seoul. This year’s cherry blossom season in Seoul is April 6th. So where do you go to Seoul? I will introduce a place to see beautiful Seoul.

Yeouido to see cherry blossoms

Yeouido spring flower festival. The most famous cherry blossom festival in Seoul is held. Yeouido is adjacent to the Capitol and the Han River. It is the center of Seoul. During the festival period, there is a snack restaurant and you can eat delicious food. It can be crowded with the place where the most people gather.

[Yeouido Cherry Blossom Picnic Festival 2018]

Seokchon Lake  to see cherry blossoms

Seokchon Lake is located in Jamsil. This is the most famous place along with Yeouido during the cherry blossom festival in Seoul. Lotte World, Lotte World Mall, Cafe Street and restaurants are nearby. There is about 10 minutes away from Jamsil Station.

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Seoul national cemetery to see cherry blossoms

What if there is a cherry tree in Korea’s National Cemetery? It is an unexpected place, but people find many places to see cherry blossoms. This is because there are cherry blossoms that are different from Yeouido and Seokchon lakes. It is well organized and neat, but it is a little inconvenient to move.

Namsan to see cherry blossoms

If you’ve searched for travel information, you’ve probably heard about the Seoul N Tower. right. There is a cherry blossom right there. The road is located on the road from Namsan to Itaewon. It is recommended because it is nearest to nature.

Seoul Children’s Park to see cherry blossoms.

This place is a lot of family units. There are parks and zoos, so you can take a short walk and see several animals. It is a little noisy because it is a place to visit by family, but it will be more comfortable than Yeouido or Seokchon Lake.

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